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Page history last edited by Romain FOURAY 2 years, 10 months ago


The new version of RarePinkFloyd.fr (formely rarepinkfloyd.pbworks.com), the site dedicated to rare and unknow aspects of the band is finally online.
This is a major revision with many new facts, photos and documents and complete new things as two exclusive interviews of Ron Geesin (in English) and Jacques Boumendil (in French).

Among others:
PINK FLOYD: DAY BY DAY A complete chronology, day by day, with many rare and unreleased pictures of the band with rare or unreleased reports (work in progress: 1971 only)
RECORDS REVIEWS review of the music's critics released at the time
PINK FLOYD ON VIDEOS & FILMS A complete list of all visual appareances of the band (Big update)
THE FLOYDIAN'S WARS The relationships between the members of the band viewed from inside

THE UNRELEASED TRACKS A complete list of the unreleased tracks of the band with many rare quotes along with the alternate & working title
THE CANCELLED PROJECTS All the unreleased projects of the Floyd
THE UNRELEASED ALBUMS the Floyd’s albums you will never see ...
PINK FLOYD TREE The family tree of the group in its different incarnations
IN THE PINK The long untold story about « in the Pink » book 

And many more things to come ...

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